Tummy Tuck After C Section: Is It Safe Or Not?

By Rena Graham

Some women who have put on so much weight during pregnancy are eventually placed in a position where they have to deal with the excess fats and skin. For women who want to take a more aggressive approach and are brave to go under the knife, a tummy tuck is often the usual choice. But for a new mom who underwent a C-section, would a tummy tuck be a good idea?

There is a buzz going around about a certain procedure dubbed as a 2fer or two for the price of one. It is when a tummy tuck is done immediately after a C-section. Some say that most celebrities have this done to get that pre-baby body much faster and more easily.

But as much as this sounds like a perfect answer for bouncing back from that maternity body, some doctors advise against it. Both procedures are highly invasive and considered to be major surgeries. And having it done immediately after the other can have the potential risks.


Doctors believe that the body is still under the effects of pregnancy hormones which affect the body s tissues. It causes it to distend to make the skin accommodate the growing belly. Right after delivery, the extent of laxity is still not determined. Even the doctors at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery claims that the body needs to be stabilized first and the pregnancy weight shed off before a tummy tuck should be done.

It is sensible to shed off the pregnancy weight first before any tummy tuck has to be done, that way optimum results can be achieved. In addition to that it prevents escalating the possible risks and complications that both procedures have. However, there are cases where doctor removes previous C-section scars to improve the appearance of the abdomen, most especially if the patient is a keloid former.

A tummy tuck should be done at least a few months after giving birth just to make sure that the body is well rested and able to withstand another major surgery. It gives you enough time to lose some weight and to really assess how much of your skin has to be removed.

But if you ask if a C-section is done after a tummy tuck, this can be possible. Since there is already a long scar in the abdomen, this can be used again for the C-section. In fact this gives the doctor more freedom to create a larger incision when delivering the baby making it gives him better visualization. But here the skin will not retract well because the skin has already been stretched.

The abdomen that has undergone tummy tuck will have the tendency to go back to its pre-pregnant state, although not as severe. Some doctor claim that you might need to have additional tummy tuck incisions if you had several pregnancies.

So the conclusion here is that you cannot get a tummy tuck immediately after a C-section and have to wait it out for a few months before you actually do. Even though this approach might seems economical, it can be very risky. But a C-section can still be made possible even after a woman had a tummy tuck.

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