Claremont Motors Helps Keep Cars On The Road}

Claremont Motors helps keep cars on the road


Claremont MotorsKeeping your care running in peak condition is important, both for your safety on the road and for the environment. While it can be tempting to slack on car servicing, it is unadvisable and in some regards can be illegal. No one wants to run afoul of UK laws regarding automotive requirements – it is much easier and less expensive to take care of things as needed than to pay fines on top of service amounts. In this regard, you are much better off finding an excellent garage with highly qualified technicians to service your vehicle on a regular basis.

Claremont Motors is the kind of garage you want to do business with for the life of your vehicle. No matter if you have a BMW or a Toyota, a Mini Cooper or a Mercedes, Claremont Motors is able to service nearly every make and model of car on the road today. They have your car covered from brakes and tyres to engine diagnostics and maintenance, repairs to MOT testing and even fleet management. With their garages in Kent and garages in Dartford, they are centrally located in Kent to serve the wider community.

Claremont Motors considers themselves to be a local service that provides necessary vehicle maintenance to local residents. This makes them very responsive to your needs. They use genuine parts that come from the same main suppliers as those procured by main dealers, for the most cases. This means that your car repair will stand up to the test of time and use just the same as it would if you took it in to the main dealer for the repair, but you will pay up to 65% less at Claremont Motors. Everyone needs to keep the most money in their pocket as possible, and this savings is most welcome by Claremont customers.

They provide friendly and personal service – they kind of providers you build a relationship with over time. They get to know your vehicle and you, and that makes them must more able to diagnose problems or keep your car so fit it won’t develop problems in the first place. Breaking down on the side of the road is never what you want to be in the middle of, and Claremont can make sure that you have the least chance of doing so at the worst possible moment. They are also under the National Conciliation Service (NCS) in the UK, so if for any reason you feel your service was unsatisfactory you have options for resolution.

It is highly unlikely you would ever need NCS, however, as Claremont is regularly recognized as one of the best businesses in the Kent area, having received several awards for being a great service provider. And since you are covered under the government’s Block Exemption, you need not worry that going to Claremont instead of your main dealer would harm your warranty – you are protected. Book service with Claremont Motors and save time, stress and money – it is one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make.

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