Shower Enclosures With Heavy Glass Shower Doors Are Best For Bath Remodel}

Shower Enclosures with Heavy Glass Shower Doors are Best for Bath Remodel


Christy MartinWhen it comes time to renovate your bathroom look into getting rid of your old bathtub in favor of new shower enclosures with heavy glass shower doors. Most people never really needed their old bathtubs as for the most part they take showers every morning and never really use the bathtub. A shower enclosure with a heavy glass shower door is a great option for your bathroom remodel.

You might have seen really nice shower enclosures with heavy glass shower doors and multiple shower heads on television and wanted something like that for your bathroom. There are a number of shower enclosures that are very nice. Different types of glass and stone works make them elegant and very easy to clean. Some even come with a coating preventing soap scum and calcium deposits from building up along the shower walls and door.

Shower enclosures are good because they seals in the heat and steam making it kind of like a sauna as you shower. A shower curtain also needs replacing fairly often with the amount of grime that can build up on it after a long period of use. Shower enclosures with heavy glass shower doors have a much longer lifespan.


When you price out some moderate stone work and a new shower enclosure and heavy glass shower doors look into setting up a dual shower head system to massage and clean in tandem. Your shower should be a very relaxing place for you to enjoy.

You can not have a dual shower head in your old tub with a shower curtain as too much water would probably escape and the plumbing would be a nightmare to leave the bathtub still in use. With heavy glass shower doors to keep the water in and the waterproofing done on the shower enclosures you could have just about as many shower heads as you want.

Make sure you hire a reputable qualified contractor to install your shower enclosures with a heavy glass doors. It will take some time, but in the long run will save you a lot of money and hassles. Afterward you will be able to have a hot massaging shower, with multiple shower heads and keep all the steam and water inside the shower enclosures. You won’t feel like you’re getting attacked by a shower curtain and cleanup is much easier.

Many people are getting a special coating on the heavy glass doors and shower enclosures so any buildup wipes off much easier than ever before. Your bathroom will look so much more elegant and makes you excited to jump in the shower every day. You’ll also find with the shower enclosures there is much less slipping with a flat bottom floor. Even if things do get slippery there are 3 hard walls and heavy glass shower doors with handles to help keep you from slipping and falling down in the shower.

Whether you are looking to update the tired old look of your bathroom, or you need more security in preventing falls or flooding, shower enclosures with a heavy glass shower doors are always an advantage over an old bathtub with a shower curtain. It increases the value of your home, it’s easier to clean and just a luxurious addition to your bathroom.

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