Personalized Slinky Spring: A Great Company Gift

By Miles Lovegrove

Are you looking for a great business gift that can be personalized with your company logo? Looking for something that is a bit different from what everyone else is using as a promotional item? Then here is the answer to your needs: Slinky Springs! A great promotional gift to give that everyone would love is their own personalized slinky spring, having your logo put on it is easy, but having your employees personalize their work in environment with their personalized slinky spring will liven up the atmosphere. With a variety of shapes and colors your employees will be able to relieve some stress and personalize their environment , all while having the company logo on the side of the slinky spring.

There are many colors you can personalize you slinky spring with, so many it would be hard not to notice you personality in them. You go with the classic silver metal, or make green, or green with a blue interior, maybe even a multiple array of colors of your choosing to give it a rainbow effect. You can choose to have the personalized slinky springs done in your company colors, no matter how many colors you have. With personalized slinky springs the sky really is the limit when it comes to customization and personalization!


The classic circle personalized slinky spring design is great but you can make it even more personal by thinking up a shape that will be unique to you. You could have a rainbow star personalized slinky spring sitting up on your desk or one of your employees could have a blue and yellow heart resting on theirs, all while brandishing your company logo on the side. Do you have a company logo that incorporates a certain shape? That too can be made into a personalized slinky spring. Or possibly you have a business such as a pet groomers or an auto sales lot. You can have your personalized slinky springs made into a dog or the shape of a car. Not only will you have a great promotional item but it really will be quite unique and make your company stand out.

If metal is not what you like in your personalized slinky spring then the light weight plastic kind might be right up your alley. You may not be into the big bulky personalized slinky springs that come with them being made of metal. You can personalize it even more by slimming down the size of it to make it a new and slender shape.

A great gift for many that personalizes yours and your employees offices, that can relieve stress and corporate boredom, available in many shapes and sizes the personalized slinky spring is a great gift that will help you promote your company and help personalize the staff. When it comes to personalized slinky springs you really can stand out from the completion with a completely personalized item that will set you heads about the rest. Get unique, get creative with personalized slinky springs the only thing standing in your way is your creativity!

About the Author: Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding, the UK’s largest supplier of Promotional Slinky Springs and other Promotional Products at For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit


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