Data Entry Work From Home Opportunities To Make Money

By Alan Lim

Data entry work from home is definitely not a ‘one size fits all.’ There is an exciting range of possibilities from which you can pick and choose.

The types of data entry work from home that are available to the home-based entrepreneur are almost as varied as those found in the more traditional job locations. More and more companies are taking advantage of the cost savings available to them when they contract out the work rather than bringing in workers to do the same job. Some of the more common types of home-based data entry work found on the freelance sites include writing directory articles and content for web sites, doing general clerical and secretarial work, completing accounting and bookkeeping tasks, and maintaining company data base records.


Data entry work from home often includes a major component of secretarial work. With the innovations in modern technology, it is not difficult to transmit all types of documents and voice files over the internet to be handled in the same way that they would be in a face to face job. Typing, composing emails and letters, accepting and transcribing dictation and performing all the other duties of a secretary–short of making coffee for the boss–are possible through work at home technology. Even if some part of the secretarial work involves being present at the work site, it may be possible to only make the commute two or three times per week instead of daily.


Article writing

Data entry work from home offers such a wide choice of options. One of the more interesting types of data entry work is that of preparing directory articles or web page content for clients online. There are several freelance sites that post projects that the home worker can bid for completion according to a specified time and price. Freelance sites also include posted projects for other types of online work. You can generally find work that fits within your experience and interest parameters.


Accounting jobs or bookkeeping jobs, even just plain old number crunching jobs can often be done through data entry work from home. The home worker may be entering data into accounting records, or performing payroll functions or tracking expenses of some particular type for a large corporation. For example, you may be entering information on insurance claims or medical charges. Since most accounting and bookkeeping functions today are automated, this type of work is mostly repetitious and doesn’t require a lot of imagination, but it can get pretty boring. Still, if you like detailed work, this can be just the job for you.

Data Base Management

Large corporations often have large files or databases about employee information, customer records, or various other types of information collection and storage files. Completing entries for refunds or rebates offered to customers is a task often done by people doing data entry work from home. This is also fairly repetitious work and can get monotonous. However, accuracy is critical. The opportunities in this area of data entry work are numerous and growing daily, as more companies realize the advantages of having contract workers for much of the day to day work.

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