The Benefits Of Using A Water Ionizing System For Your Pool


There is no better feeling than going for a swim in your pool on a hot summer day. When the sun is glaring down and you can’t stand the sweltering heat anymore, it’s time to go for a dip in a nice, cool pool. The kind of pool that you swim in can make all of the difference. The main point here is that a pool that has been sanitized using water ionizing techniques is much safer, healthier, and far more enjoyable than a chlorine filled pool.

What Is Ionization?

The process of water ionizing involves the release of copper and silver ions into the water. These positively charged copper and silver ions then react with the negatively charged cell walls of micro-organisms present in the water, making them easy to permeate and reducing their ability to take in nutrients.

Once the copper and silver get inside of the cell, they destroy the sulfur, amino acids, and proteins within. The destruction of these of the amino acids results in the inability of the cell to engage in photosynthesis. In short, the silver and copper kill existing bacteria and at the same time makes it impossible for those cells to reproduce.

Chlorine may be the most widely used method of pool water sanitation however it is certainly not the best. So, you may be asking yourself, what is the difference between chlorination and Ionization?

Chlorination versus Ionization

There are various reasons why water ionizing is much better than the chlorination of pool water. One of the reasons for this is because unlike chlorine, ionization will not cause irritation to the eyes, it will not irritate skin, and it won’t bleach hair. Similarly, chlorine is also known to bleach swimsuits, something that tends to be a problem in chlorinated pools, but not in an ionized pool. Chlorine is also very potent and smells really bad, something that regular swimmers will be familiar with; the ionizing process or compounds used in the process do not have any odor.

Another benefit to using a water ionizer versus chlorine is that an ionizing system and the components used to make it work are not flammable or explosive, unlike chlorine that is extremely volatile and known for combustion. Not only is chlorine dangerous in terms of its flammability, but it is also known to be a cancer-causing agent as well as a lung irritant. Not only are there severe effects on human health caused by chlorine, there are also many environmental detriments as well. Chlorine is horrible for the environment, and when excess amounts of it are released into nature, the plants and animals of a region will suffer greatly.

Perhaps the biggest reason as to why ionization is preferable is because it kills more harmful things in a pool than chlorine can. The big difference is that while chlorine kills bacteria and algae, ionization also kills viruses; that helps to keep everyone safe.