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The article provides detailed information about the intricacies of bicycle saddles. The article also talks about the common misconceptions that people hold about bicycle saddles

While riding a bicycle, the rider must enjoy the ride to the fullest. This is possible only when he has a good bicycle with an extremely comfortable seat. With an uncomfortable seat, riding the bicycle can cause a nerve breaking experience. This is how, bicycle saddles are so important.

Saddle Specifications


Saddle is defined as the seat for the bicycle rider. Thus, it obvious becomes an extremely crucial part of the bicycle. There are specific dimensions of the saddle which are necessary to make it comfortable seating for the riders. To make the seats more comfortable, they also consist of polyurethane seat pads. These pads are very strong and are long lasting. They can endure all kinds of weather. Another very important component of the seats is the pre-loaded suspension system. This system minimizes the jolts and effects of the bumps to the riders.

These saddles are now available even in the most modern and state-of-the-art designs and makes. They are made of ergonomic designs. They come with seat posts and clamps and are easy to install. The saddles with ergonomic designs are made up of the best suspension system which makes even long rides very comfortable. The saddles are made in such a way that it does not create any harm to the body of the rider. The ergonomic designs allow the seats to be wide enough so that there is a proper weight distribution possible. The seats are also equipped with ventilated seat slots which do not allow any moisture or any heat to build up. The ergonomic design also has center relief system which does not allow any pelvic or perineal pressure. The saddle is carefully made so as to not lead to any chaffing of the inner part of the thighs.

Saddle Myths

Many people believe that saddles are responsible to several physical troubles, especially to the frequent bicycle riders. Many people believe that saddles can cause reproductive disorders. There is a common misconception that saddles can cause impotency among males. This is just a myth and there are several factors apart from the saddles which can cause health problems to the riders. Apart from saddles other factors refer to the rider’s height, weight, size of various bones and bone structure, body structure, terrain, ways and habits of riding of the riders and even other features of the bicycle.

Thus, it is important that riders have bicycles which are fitted with the appropriate saddles which can give them a fun-filled ride.

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