Petition pressures City of Edinburgh Council to review clause affecting live music scene

Thursday, June 25, 2015 Live music venues in Edinburgh, Scotland are awaiting a review later this year on the 2005 licensing policy, which places limitations on the volume of amplified music in the city. Investigating into how the policy is affecting the Edinburgh music scene, a group of Wikinews writers interviewed venue owners, academics, the City of Edinburgh Council, and […]

News briefs:July 14, 2010

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Boomer Retirement At Danger The 3 Stage Answer

Get More Information Here: Reverse Mortgage Loans Submitted by: Laura Jarrell As Baby Boomers approach retirement, a single factor is apparent: Their retirement will be much more complex than their parents’ retirements ended up. Not only need to they be worried about accumulating plenty of money to retire easily, but they should also feel about how to make that cash […]

Australian government to tackle banks on mortgages

Sunday, January 13, 2008 In response to higher than expected mortgage rate increases last week, Australian treasurer Wayne Swan flagged changes to banking regulations to increase competition between lenders on home mortgages. Swan announced yesterday he had sought a Treasury report on the banking sector ahead of talks over the next fortnight on reforms to make it easier for bank […]

Federer beats Nishikori in Australian Open’s fourth round

Monday, January 23, 2017 Yesterday, Swiss tennis player Roger Federer defeated Japanese player and current world number five Kei Nishikori in the Australian Open’s fourth round. 17th ranked Federer is to play against 50th ranked Mischa Zverev in Zverev’s first ever Grand Slam quarter-final. Nishikori won the first set 7–6; he scored five aces in the entire match. Federer committed […]

The Opportunities In Construction Jobs Abroad

Get More Information Here: Quantity Surveyors Melbourne By Duncan Freer The Construction Industry operates on a global scale with many opportunities to work abroad. The developed world maintains many types of project, including continuation, decommissioning and environmental work, much of which is implemented by some of the industry’s leading companies, who are diversifying into new markets. Factors such as tourism […]

Four arrested in three Naperville, Illinois prostitution stings

Monday, March 15, 2010 An undercover investigation by Naperville, Illinois law enforcement has led to the arrest last Thursday of four people allegedly involved in prostitution. The stings came after police received tips that people were using websites like Craigslist and to sell sexual performances in Naperville hotels.  Patricia H. Scoleri of Naperville was arrested after an unidentified neighbor […]

Final report blames London passenger jet crash on ice

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 The United Kingdom’s Air Accidents Investigation Board (AAIB) yesterday blamed a release of ice in the fuel system of a British Airways passenger jet as the cause of a crash two years ago at London’s Heathrow Airport. Flight 38 from China was attempting to land when both engines lost almost all power – a condition called […]