How Nanny Agencies And Other Options Work

By Barbara Young

If you want to work as a nanny, know that there are plenty of opportunities available since parents will always need someone to look after their kids, or their own elderly parents, at some point. As long as you have the proper training and experience, you should be able to find a job as a nanny. Consider some of the most common ways to find nanny jobs.

Search By Yourself

One method is to search on your own. You can look through local newspapers and magazines that feature classified ads, as some families advertise through these publications when they need a nanny. They may also put up ads online, such as on local websites. Before you agree to meet with anyone found through such ads, though, you should consider meeting in a public place for your own safety.


You can also be proactive and put up your own ads on the Internet or in local publications. This way, families who need a nanny can contact you if they are interested in your skills. You should also consider putting up ads at local grocery stores and churches, though talking to your neighbors and friends about your nanny services can help you get some work, too.

Use a Nanny Agency

There are agencies that you can sign up with that will do a lot of the work for you to help you get a nanny job. A nanny agency should be free for you to use, as families who seek a nanny usually pay any fees associated with the agency. You do have to qualify to join a nanny agency, though, so be sure to present any education, special skills, training, or other advantages you may have. The agency will likely also interview you before accepting you as a member.

Once you are accepted, though, the nanny agency you have chosen will try to match you up with families that need your services. You can expect to attend interviews with each family that is interested in hiring you, and before you officially get the nanny job, you will likely need to sign a contract and pass a criminal background check. Though it may seem like a lot of work to join a nanny agency, once you are accepted, the agency will do a lot of the work for you to find a good nanny job that meets your requirements.

Use a Website to Connect with Families

If you cannot get into a nanny agency near you, another option is to use a website that allows families to post nanny jobs. However, this often costs money for you, and there is no way to be sure that the people posting legitimately need a nanny, or are simply online predators. Before you choose this method of finding a nanny job, you should look up reviews or talk to other nannies who have used the online nanny agency you are considering. Otherwise, it could be a waste of your time and money, and it may even be downright dangerous for you. If you feel uneasy about this option, you should consider using the other methods of finding a nanny job instead.

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