Four Steps To An Easy Successful Garden}

Four Steps to an Easy Successful Garden


Tom Straub

Every garden is the end result of four basic steps: Planning, Preparation, Planting and Maintenance. These four steps can be as simple or as complicated as the gardener chooses to make them.

Gardeners who want a small and simple cutting garden will use the same steps as gardeners who want a large and elaborate series of gardens.



Plan where you want to put your garden, checking carefully for sun exposure. Know how much sun the plants you want to grow need and how much water they will need.

Know how much sun the plants you want to grow need and how much water they will need. Make sure you do not place plants with heavy water requirements next to plants that like dry conditions.


Your soil is the foundation of your garden. Give your plants the best foundation possible by preparing your garden spot in three simple steps.

1. Remove all grass and weeds from your chosen gardening spot

2. Till the soil, removing stones and breaking up large clods of earth.

3. Amend or improve the soil.


Sketch a rough drawing of what you want your completed garden to look like and follow through with planting seeds and established plants according to your plan.

Guard against late spring freezes and give your new seedlings and plants plenty of water to give them a good, healthy start.


Maintain your garden simply and easily with consistent attention to weeding and watering. Feed your plants well but don’t over feed them. Deadhead your flowers to encourage re-blooming and to keep plants from expending energy on seed production. Be prepared for the onslaught of destructive insects and take steps to control the damage.

By following these important and simple steps you will be on your way to a successful garden.

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Four Steps to an Easy Successful Garden }