Does Your Dog Food Include Euthanized Dogs?

By MR Bruno

Every day in the United States more than one hundred million pounds of dead animals and animal parts are shipped to rendering plants.

These plants are in the business of disposing of millions of pounds of dead dogs and other animals. The end product is then sold to manufacturers for use in their product formulas.

The dead animal parts to be rendered include but may not be limited to bones, feathers, undeveloped eggs, blood, tails, grease, spines, hooves, heads, stomachs and small intestines of dead animals.

There is also a category known as Dead, Dying, Diseased or Decayed animals. These also are rendered for use.


And some smaller rendering plants are not satisfied with this ingredient menu.

These plants have found a steady source of material to render in euthanized dogs from dog shelters. These dogs have been killed and arrive at the rendering plant in a plastic bag, often with their collar and tag intact.

All of the ingredients listed above, including the euthanized dogs are used by minor and major commercial dog food manufacturers to be part of your dog s daily diet.

In Los Angeles alone, two hundred tons of euthanized animals including dogs are delivered to rendering plants on a monthly basis. Almost seven million dogs and cats are killed in dog pounds each year. Many of these end up at rendering


Having been injected with Phenobarbital to kill them, this toxic chemical remains in the dog as her carcass is rendered for addition to commercial dog food brands found in many large retail chains and markets.

So your dog will be eating other dogs when you fill her bowl with kibble or canned dog food. Not only is she eating her own so to speak, but she is also getting a daily dose of diseased animal parts and Phenobarbital, a euthanizing agent.

Is it any wonder that the average life expectancy of dogs in the United States is only 10 years but would increase to 24 years or more if their dog food was really healthy, and not a toxic poison!

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