Directory Submission: An Important Element Of Seo

Submitted by: Chris Tyreel

The importance of search engine optimization has grown over a period of time and as more and more websites are being launched we see that most of the website owners prefer to go the SEO way in order to increase their online business. Today, online business is not just about developing and maintaining a website, but more than that. Website owners have to be very careful about every aspect of their website and things related to internet marketing because a minor mistake can greatly impact their online sales figure.

There are many factors like keywords, original content, website design and domain name that play a crucial role in the enhancing of a website but not many know that directory submission is also as important as these factors. Directory submission increases the popularity of your website to a great extent because the link of your website will be available and visible in different directories that are searched by the people online. Many people think that directory submission does not work as quickly as other factors in SEO but the fact is directory submission can enhance your website beyond your imagination.


As an online surfer do you remember all the websites that you have visited so far? I guess the answer will be negative. Even the most intelligent person will not be able to give you the list of the websites that he or she has visited because there are innumerable websites on internet and they are not sure which one they visited. Directory submissions provide the link of your website on different websites and therefore most of the users who are looking for your website will go to any of the popular directory and just type in few words and they will get your website link. This way they don t have to remember the names of websites they have explored earlier and still they are able to access your website.

However, as a website owner it is very important that you submit your site information very careful as you will have to select the category for your website and if you do not select the category intelligently than chances are that your website may stay invisible. Once you have submitted your website in a directory, search engine crawlers will detect the new link and soon you will find that your website is also visible on major search engines.

Directory submissions act like a back links for your website and therefore it is a wise idea to submit your website in popular directories on the internet. Many of the Manual Directory Submission websites like also provide various offers and packages that will be helpful to you if you are enhancing your website. There are other sites that provide automatic submission services as well but most of the website owners prefer manual directory submissions because they get a lot of other important services that automatic Submission services do not provide. However, both ways provide you an effective way to boost your site rankings.

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