Communication Is Key For Business Success

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In the business world communication is the key to success. Whether it be a mass emailed memo about casual Friday or about an impending company merger networking and other communication devices play an integral role in the business world. Companies such as Cisco Systems Inc. offer technologies that aid in the never ending quest for interconnectedness that is so often sought in the business world. This allows for establishments such as healthcare providers and doctors to communicate important information that would take days to be transferred using outdated methods. Their products don t just offer their services to large businesses but to emerging small and home businesses as well.

Tech can help any level and type of business


Big businesses are not the only ones who can utilize Cisco Systems communication technologies. Cisco Systems offers a number of different programs and hardware to small business owners and home users. Cisco offers corporations borderless networks, datacenters, and IP Next Generation Networks. It also offers small businesses routers, security systems and surveillance equipment, voice conferencing tools, WiFi access points, and network storage systems. For home users they can provide Linksys wireless network hubs, broadband cable modems, and Cisco umi video conferencing technology. With these technological tools a small out-of-the-house business can balloon into a fiscally successful enterprise. Cisco s borderless networks allow for businesses to seamlessly and securely convey information. This allows for critical business information to be protected and allows for the improvement of productivity. This also helps employees and management keep in contact and maintains a sense of continuity in the workplace. One example of how these borderless networks benefit businesses can be seen in the medical field and Cisco s Medical-Grade Network. This allows for medical professionals to communicate important medical based information. These types of networks allow for patient information to be transferred safely between clinicians, doctors, and administrators. Cisco s datacenter also allow for the transfer and storage of large quantities of healthcare information and data about patients.

Communication is Key

Imagine a world where commonplace communication tools like smart phones, email, instant messaging, and the internet didn t exist. Imagine how you would actually communicate, or wouldn t communicate, with people in your workplace. With big corporations there is an essential need for a sturdy infrastructure. Cisco s networking hardware and software help minimize the business world. Imagine a world with no networking routers or video conferencing technology. Office emails and memos would have to be circulated through the office in hard copies rather than mass emails through the company s wireless network. International meetings would require endless hours on planes rather than in the comfort of a conference room with a computer monitor. Some people may see this as the end of a business era while others may see this as a redefining of how business can be conducted. Cisco s other software, like their VPN client, allows for information to be securely accessed through the use of encrypted passwords remotely through private networks. This allows for employees separated by distance to access and work together despite being separated.

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