Bed Dimensions: Appropriate Length, Width And Height

By Chad Henners

Why should you think about mattress dimensions when shopping for a waterbed, traditional bed, or the latest in bed technology- the airbed? That is because the things that people put in their houses are often miscalculated in terms of their sizes. Determining the right dimensions are as important to you as they are important to a meticulous architect or interior decorator – especially now that you are about to shell out hundreds of dollars.

Money is hard to find and you are getting older – reasons that put pressure on you to find the bed with most the comfortable and fitting size. Now, let us go to the specifics of these dimensional parameters. Remember though that comfort is the most important factor.

Bed Length

The entire length of your mattress should exceed by three or four inches your entire body. This is advisable if you are an average American and you have taller relatives who visit you from time to time. If your partner is taller than you, then you should adjust a bit.

Although shorter beds fit in more comfortable in most bedroom areas, longer beds may allow some space for equipments to fit in without losing personal comfort. A radio overhead or extra pillows underneath will not be in danger of falling down because of having length allowance.


But in deciding to have longer beds, remember to think about the entire bedroom outcome. The place should not be rendered overcrowded due to this addition. Be ready with the measurement before going out to shop. Also, plan for a rearrangement of the furniture in your bedroom if that will be necessary.

Bed Width

Beds are not square, 99% of the time. Perhaps, it is due to some kind of natural tendency of mattress manufacturers to match beds’ shapes according to the rectangular form of the human body, or it is just plainly tradition. Whatever is the reason behind the rectangular shapes of most beds, their width plays important functions.

Think of the most number of people you’d like to be accommodated further – aside from you and your partner. Most probably, you will accommodate at most two more. This is very ideal if you currently have two little kids who can tuck in with you every now and then. And when the third child comes, your first two children are way past the age when children want to be cuddled.

This particular width is also very comfortable when you choose to make love on the bed, which happens most of the time. You can roll left and right without fearing of going over the mattress in a single roll.

Bed Height

The biggest bed depth so far is that of the Airdream air adjustable mattresses – far deeper than any waterbed. You may welcome this height but remember, these mattresses’ height is twice as deep as the traditional ones – though, you will get accustomed to it overtime.

And if your children are still young, this bed is dangerous for them. You wouldn’t want to add up to your expenses by considering installing extra thick carpets. If that is a problem, then opt for a thinner bed with a frame that stands low.

By the way, there are bed shops which are offering customized (or personalized) beds. They will surely get to the bottom of your specifications – colors, texture and of course, dimensions.

Consider Airdream waterbed and airbed customization. Airdream has been receiving rave reviews on this particular service. Prices may be a little bit higher but Airdream will give you the waterbed or the airbed that you exactly want.

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