People protest in Berlin against German Court overturning five-year rent cap

Saturday, April 17, 2021 On Thursday, Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court ruled a five-year rent freeze introduced earlier in February last year illegal due to lack of the Berlin Senate’s jurisdiction. This decision allowed rent to be increased as the Court ruling invalidated the previously introduced law which had capped the rent for about 90% of renters in the country. Protesters […]

David Cameron responds to rioting, promises changes on policing

Saturday, August 13, 2011 British Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that a change in police strategy is appropriate following what many feel to be an inadequate response to the rioting that has overrun many cities across England. Riots started in Tottenham on Saturday night after the fatal shooting by police of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old taxi driver who the […]

Dutch financial institution ING takes impairment charge

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 Dutch financial institution ING Group reported today in its quarterly results an impairment charge of €194 million euros (approximately US$285.6 million). However, as a result of selling an equity stake in rival ABN AMRO, the net profit of €2.48 billion, was 18% higher than last year. The impairment charge is a result of risky investments, including […]

Remove Unwanted Hair With Laser Hair Removal

Get More Information Here: Natural Beauty Products byAlma Abell Removing unwanted hair can cause you to invest in a wide range of products from hair removal creams, razors, and even devices that pull hairs from the root. Not only do they take a lot of time and money, but some of those options can be painful. You may not want […]

No people or animals hurt in rural Australian fire

Saturday, January 30, 2010 According to local police chief Craig Van Breugel there were no injuries or loss of life to animals or local residents in the recent fire in the rural Australian town of Toongabbie. “There was no injury to persons or animals. That is all I have for you,” Detective Acting Sergent Van Breugel said in response to […]

RuPaul speaks about society and the state of drag as performance art

Saturday, October 6, 2007 Few artists ever penetrate the subconscious level of American culture the way RuPaul Andre Charles did with the 1993 album Supermodel of the World. It was groundbreaking not only because in the midst of the Grunge phenomenon did Charles have a dance hit on MTV, but because he did it as RuPaul, formerly known as Starbooty, […]

Warmest Canadian winter on record

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 The winter of 2005/2006 has been the warmest winter in Canada since the beginning of the nationwide weather record in 1948, with average nationwide temperatures 3.9°C above the long-term average. Statistically, such a strong deviation from the average is expected to be observed only once in 100 years. While most of the country was experiencing temperatures […]

Education: A Walk On The Wild Side

Get More Information Here: Music School Sydney Australia Submitted by: Bruce Deitrick Price [SUMMARY: Public schools are bad because the Education Establishment, for 75 years, has made them that way.] Feeling brave? Got a cast-iron stomach? Not offended by decadence? Well, come with me and we ll go for a stroll in the dangerous part of town, where society s […]