Emergency declared in US state of Washington, eight additional casualties, many still without power

Monday, December 18, 2006 A state of emergency was declared Sunday for the U.S. state of Washington by governor Christine Gregoire, as additional reports of storm-related casualties surfaced. The state National Guard has been deployed to aid in distributing supplies. Thousands were still without power in the coastal and Puget Sound regions, though most urban areas were back with power […]

Petition pressures City of Edinburgh Council to review clause affecting live music scene

Thursday, June 25, 2015 Live music venues in Edinburgh, Scotland are awaiting a review later this year on the 2005 licensing policy, which places limitations on the volume of amplified music in the city. Investigating into how the policy is affecting the Edinburgh music scene, a group of Wikinews writers interviewed venue owners, academics, the City of Edinburgh Council, and […]

Trivia Tidbits About Copper Recycling In Hartford Ct

Get More Information Here: Civil Construction Equipment Australia byAlma Abell The recycling of copper objects is big business for recycling centers and scrap-metal collectors. It is one of the most highly prized recyclable metals that exists. Here are some interesting trivia tidbits about copper and Copper Recycling Hartford CT. * Experts say that recycling copper saves as much as 90% […]

US Boy Scouts and hikers airlifted from wildfire in Utah

Friday, July 20, 2007 On Friday, a group of hikers and 18 boy scouts were airlifted by helicopters away from a wildfire in Nephi Canyon, Utah. The hikers and scouts escaped into a rough rocky area to keep a safe distance from the dangerous wildfire after it advanced on their campground. The wildfire started in a campground in Salt Creek […]

Business Development For The Private Labeled Bottled Water Industry}

Get More Information Here: User Experience Agency Vancouver Submitted by: Marcus Stout The private labeled bottled water industry is exciting with tremendous growth opportunities and the ability for suppliers to offer their customers and strategic partners creative, effective advertising solutions. But like any business, care is required to develop the business in a profitable way and the best way to […]

Chilean President visits Pichilemu to inaugurate Agustín Ross Cultural Centre

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 The Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, travelled to Pichilemu to inaugurate the Cultural Centre Agustín Ross last week, in the old Ross Casino, a National Monument since 1988, and the first casino in Chile. Bachelet passed by Cáhuil’s bridge, where she and her parents regularly went on holiday to, according the documentary Pichilemu: Así éramos ayer, así […]

Why Install A Chain Link Fence In Williamsport?

Get More Information Here: Newcastle Painters June, 2014 byAlma Abell Many homeowners would like to have a fence installed on their property, but choosing the type of fence may be difficult. There are advantages and disadvantages with all types of fencing materials such as wood, aluminum, and vinyl. However, most folks decide to install a chain link fence in Williamsport, […]

News briefs:October 17, 2007

Wikinews Brief October 17, 2007 Audio Wikinews – Problems listening to the file? See media help. The time is 4:45 UTC and this an Audio Wikinews Brief for Wednesday, October 17, 2007. Contents 1 Oil prices at new high on fears of Turkish attack in Iraq 2 China ‘furious’ at U.S. over Dalai Lama award 3 Nevada man’s execution halted […]

Property Rights In The Case Of A Divorce

Get More Information Here: Buy Rv Trailer By Elizabeth Allen It’s a sad but real fact that many marriages end in divorce yet at the time of the marriage both happily agreed to share everything in their lives for better or for worse; no way would it end in the divorce courts. During the period of marriage a couple acquire […]

Broken pipes cause flood in Darwin D. Martin House in Buffalo, New York

 Correction — February 13, 2008 The break was a broken sprinkler head in a crawl space above the shop, according to Jeffrey A. Salmon Facilities Manager of the Martin House Restoration Corporation. Not a pipe.  Tuesday, February 12, 2008 Buffalo, New York —According to radio communications by the Buffalo, New York Fire Department, at approximately 10:15 p.m. EST two water pipes […]